Pulling out my nerve

October 12, 2008

I went to a dentist last saturday. Imagine saturday night in a dentist without a bf accompanying…not fun at all.

I am one of a person who really really afraid of dentists and all of their equipments. Especially when it comes to drilling..zzzzziiingggg….aaaaaaaaakkhhh gua mending disuruh makan terong sekilo.

But I know I have a big problem with my front teeth ( I broke a little piece of it months ago while eating mcdonald’s, remember?) So, time to time, the little piece that broken has become bigger and bigger. Its quite annoying actually. mengurangi kecantikan saya. halaaaaa..ya pokonya gtulah.

So I went to the dentist to fix it. But another problem came up. When she examined my teeth, she suddenly said..“oh dear, u have sinus..”

gue berfikir: sinus? di idung? nyampe ke gigi?

dokter gigi: hmm but thats ok..its just a little problem..

gue: huff..thank god..so you dont have to dri..

dokter gigi (memotong dengan cepat) : its ok dont worry. I only have to pull out your nerve inside the tooth. *big grin*

gue: rill..ha? my nerve? *blank 2 detik* oh..urat saraf…



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