Legal Framework for Multimedia

November 19, 2008

From now on until (at least) at the end of this semester, I’ll be using English in writing my entries. Why is that so..? Why am I suddenly feel so confident with my ‘not-very-good-English’ ?

Well actually I don’t want to expose my stupidity in composing stuff in English. Since I know very well that my English is not well. But then, now I have to do it..*sigh*
It was all started last week when I attended my first class of Legal Framework for Multimedia. My lecturer, Mr. Sonny who I hope can be called “Pak Sonny”, since he’s an Indonesian. ehhehehe.. (He’ my first Indo lecturer actually..hoho) Anyway, Mr. Sonny asked us to make a blog which entries are related to Law and its friends in the neighbourhood. This blogging thingy is now on become a  part of the class assignment. The real hard part for me is the entries have to be written in English. Since we have Chinese, Hindi, Malay, Brunei, Korean, Brazilian, Sudan, and Arabian students in our class. It is easier to take it in English.

And so here I am. writing my first entry in English. Explaining why the hell am I writing in the language from now on. And all these entries will be folded under ‘Legal Framework for Multimedia’ category. Hope I can make at least one entry in two days (secara kan bok…gue nulis bahasa Indonesia aja posingannya 3 kali sebulan..). hukhuk.. So please help me, God..


3 Responses to “Legal Framework for Multimedia”

  1. eh bok
    masih ada bahasa indonesia nyempil tuh


  2. deedee said

    u go girl…
    gue ntar nyusul dehhh! 😀

  3. superyayi said

    *macan : itu dia euy. susah menghilangkan kura2 dr tempurung, kuda dari susu liarnya.

    *dee: aseeekk ihiyyy ayuklah rame2 speaking english.hiehiehie..

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