Please, Don’t Sue Me.

November 26, 2008

I just read an online note about Intellectual Capital in cyber world. (cieee..keren kan gue bacaannya?)
Well I’m not really reading these kind of stuff for fun anyway. I’m reading these stuff because my lecturer told me to. (and also because this topic will be covered in my next final exam) Hehe..
Anyhoo… After I read this and been given explanation from the guru, these things are unexpectedly really close with my life. Especially in my ‘online life’, (which is) the blogosphere.

What does Intellectual capital actually mean? Intellectual Capital (or IC) refers to an ownership of a company’s knowledge, the results of ideas and creativity, and the symbols that represents a product, a company, or brands.

This IC includes Trademarks, Copyrights, Trade Secret Laws and Patents.

I was not really sure about three other stuff coz’ when I read the word,copyright, i skipped the pages and got straight to this sub-topic, copyright. I’m always wanting to know more about copyright stuff.

It is always fun to know some things are being protected so that the only person can do or has the thing is the one who registered it. Just for trivia, do you know that Billy Joel has his name registered as a copyright so if there’s a new person born and named after his name, the parents must pay some bucks?
So anyway, I read through these lines about copyright, and there’s one thing that really catches my eyes, which is about how a person or a websites owner must be sure that they are not violating others copyright when they were developing the contents of the website.

This includes providing a link to a website from our blog without a permission from the owner of the site. This is consider as a cyber crime and this kind of crime is now being taken seriously.

I actually have done this once or twice. You know, providing a link to a website in my postings or pages but I haven’t asked the permission from the owner. Huhu… But I don’t have any bad purpose to putting up links of these websites in my page. I put up these links so I can easily click on my daily needs (reading the blogs and sites) without having to type word per word in the Google search bar..huhu

So with this posting, Please forgive me dear websites owners. If you mind I put your link in my blog, please don’t sue me… 😦


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