The Title Really Got Us

December 21, 2008

I was playing with Bit the Medusa yesterday at Zouk!

beuhh..I tell you what. When they were pronouncing the venue, me and dira was like wowed. We never imagine how it is going to be playing in a club. Not in a one like zouk.

But My instinct doesn’t feel me very well. It tells me instead of playing in the main arena, we’ll be playing in the different part of zouk’s building.

And when we got our ass down there my instinct became real. We were actually playing in one part of Zouk called Sonicbar.

I can’t tell you much about this place. It was smaller than we thought, It had a bad audio system, bad management system (we didn’t get the time to at least do the checksound) was too chilly. I was freezing out there wearing those mini pants.


But we had fun anyway. We were doing some new songs and the crowd went crazy. Just love it when they do. Thanks for being crazy guys! hehe

One thing that the crowd felt to be a wasting of time is when they had to register themselves to get to the event. And some are considering how can the register them selves and let their personal detail being sent online. Some friends were thinking how safe this can be? Well..they have regulation and it’s not like they will ask for your credit card number.

But regulations are made to be broken. When people came to the house, many were not registering online. They just talk some bulls off and they can entered it. Just that easy. So sorry for some that told me wanted to come but I said the online registration was closed earlier before. Seems rules aren’t the rules in here.

Anyway, we’ll be off to Ipoh for Ipoh Calling Fest on the 3rd of Jan. crossing my finger hoping that all will be gone well as it has been planned.

Adios fellas. Got some assignments to type! goodie byes..


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