Dear Valentine,

February 14, 2009

It’s 10pm on the valentine’s day. I am here listenin to some Bryan Mcknight’s and BoysIIMen’s songs*. These lyrics just cut me deeply. What a sucktarday night. Sitting quitely in my room, making scripts  lines for drama, I am as empty as I could be.
Can you fill me in ? or at least find somebody who can? 

Anyway, I have made a short list of request.

Dear valentine,
I want to be in love. Or at least something that feels like love.  Those warm feelings when someone calls just to say a simple ‘Hi’, the goosebumps when that someone approach you to ask you out, the can-not-blink-my eyes everytime he walks by, a malu-malu-kucing-smile everytime he looks you in the eye. 

Secondly, I want to be sung by someone. and not just singing, but I want that someone sings to me down on his bended knee. And oh yes, that someone, gotta be a ‘he’.

You know what, thinking about this second request, I just wished that Anoop is not an American-Indian. I wished he was Indonesian so then I can call 008 to find out his cell number and call him out and make him sing songs for me.

The bottom line is, please give me some romantic moments here. Please give me a new thrill. Don’t give me another alone-typing script-listening to menye2 songs-eating a half-angus fried rice-saturday night. I need goosebumps. i need some heartbeats, not because some ghosts but because of  someone that I adore.

Dear Valentine,
I know I’m taken, but I think I’m still available inside. 

me. *



* I know, I should change my playlist right away.
**bukan. bukan makanan yg panjang2 berkuah itu.


3 Responses to “Dear Valentine,”

  1. and if you find one,
    what would you do then, sweety?

  2. superyayi said

    I’d kept it a long the way and saved it here inside me. him. it. both. hehe. Then so I know that ‘m not that empty. 🙂

  3. ydoea said

    beware of what you wish for, young lady. serius ini gue.

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